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About Pure Body & Mind Wellness

Mission Statement

At Pure Body and Mind Wellness, we emphasize guiding individuals back to their inherent healing origins. Each person has the potential to self-heal when their Mind, Body, and Spirit align in harmony. True healing emerges when this equilibrium is achieved. Our goal is to fortify the bonds between the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Michael E. Murphy

Dedicated to teaching a holistic lifestyle

As a practitioner, Michael is dedicated to aligning individuals with their intrinsic vibrations, guiding them back to their foundational healing paths. This reconnection fosters a deeper bond with their bodies, facilitating the harmonization of Mind, Body, and Spirit (Energy). Using holistic healing methods, Michael is committed to transitioning people towards a healthier, more organic way of life. Adopting this lifestyle can catalyze transformative changes both internally and externally. Michael collaborates with people of all ages, nurturing their inherent capacity for self-healing.

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