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About Pure Body & Mind Wellness

Mission Statement

Here at Pure Body and Mind Wellness our focus is on reconnecting the individual back to there natural healing roots.  Every individual has the ability to heal themselves if there Mind, Body, and Spirit are in harmony and in balance. Profound healing can take place once this balance is found. We focus on re-establishing the connections between the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.

Michael E. Murphy

Dedicated to teaching a holistic lifestyle

As a practitioner Michael strives to connect people back with their innate vibrations, therefore connecting individuals back to their natural healing roots. This connection helps the client reconnect to their body which leads them to regaining balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit (Energy). Through all natural healing modalities Michael works towards bringing people to a more natural and healthy lifestyle. This switch of living can bring on positive life changes within and around one's self. Michael works with all ages, to help connect with their inner natural healing ability.

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