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About the Instruments

What to know more about the instruments?

We have a total of 10 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, 8 Zen Therapeutic Brass Singing Bowls, all 4 Koshi Chimes, 1 Zen Grounding Singing Bowl, and 1 Zen Gong. Each instrument has its purpose and function in private sessions and in public Sound Bath Meditation. 


The Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls produce various musical notes, frequencies, and vibrations. When some of the bowls are played in conjunction with each other, binary beats are created, ie Delta Brain Waves and higher consciousness Brain Waves. 


The Zen Therapeutic Brass Singing Bowls are the most modern version of Brass Singing Bowls. They are specialized designed to draw all of the vibrations and frequencies down and into the individual/participants. We also have the cutting edge Vibrapoint Therapeutic Singing Bowl for individuals to see and feel the newest and most advanced singing bowl.

The Zen Grounding Bowl serves dual purposes in enhancing holistic wellness practices. Firstly, it acts as a grounding tool; participants can stand within the bowl and gently strike its rim with a mallet. This unique interaction allows individuals to connect physically and spiritually to the earth, promoting a sense of deep grounding. Secondly, during sound baths, this bowl excels in dispersing soothing vibrations throughout the physical space, enriching the ambient atmosphere and enhancing the therapeutic experience. Its design and function are tailored to maximize the impact of vibrational healing and create a profoundly immersive environment.


The Zen Gong stands as a pivotal element in energy work, designed specifically to purify and harmonize any space it inhabits. This instrument is crafted to deliver deep, resonant sounds that sweep through the environment, effectively clearing stagnant energies and creating a tranquil atmosphere. Its profound vibrations are not merely heard but felt, anchoring and grounding energy within the space. Ideal for meditation rooms, yoga studios, and healing centers, the Zen Gong helps to set a serene tone, facilitating deeper relaxation and spiritual connectivity. By incorporating this powerful tool into your practice, you can enhance the overall energy flow and elevate the therapeutic experience for all participants.

The Koshi Chimes are based on four elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water; each having a specific note scale. These chimes are made in the French mountains; with the highest quality material. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these instruments please get in contact with us via With some orders being eligible for a discount.

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