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  • What is a Sound Bath?
    A Sound Bath is a meditative journey that involves various instruments, each varying in vibrations and frequencies. The resonates that are produced affect the entirety of your body leading to a state of total relaxation, where your brain waves switch into theta brains waves. In this state of relaxation, the mind and body are able to come back into alignment and wellness. The Sound Bath benefits you up to 72 hours after.
  • What do I need to bring to a Sound Bath?
    If you are attending a Sound Bath at Progress Fitness Center, Blossom Yoga, and/or Roots Yoga please bring a Yoga Mat, Pillow, Blanket, and optional is a meditation cushion, eye pillow, and knee pillow. Of course you will need yourself and your ticket, either printed or on your phone. If you are attending a Sound Bath at Life Gate Holistic Living Center all you need is a blanket, a pillow, yourself and your ticket. Life Gate provides Yoga Mats to lay down on. If you have further questions please email us at
  • Can Sound Baths Help with Specific Health Issues?
    While not a substitute for medical treatment, sound baths can complement other therapies. They're known to help with stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and chronic pain, among other conditions.
  • How Often Should I Attend Sound Baths?
    This varies by individual. Some find weekly sessions beneficial, while others attend less frequently. Listening to your body and mind is the best guide.
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