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Reiki Trainings

  • 6 hours
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Service Description

Private Reiki Trainings Delve into the world of energy healing with our exclusive, one-on-one Reiki training sessions. Tailored to meet your individual needs, these private sessions offer a deep and personalized journey into the ancient art of Reiki healing. Why Choose Private Reiki Trainings? Personalized Attention: Receive undivided attention from a certified Reiki Master, ensuring that every question is addressed and every concept is thoroughly understood. Customized Pace: Learn at a rhythm that suits you best, allowing for deeper absorption and practice of each lesson. Flexibility: Schedule sessions at times that are most convenient for you, ensuring a harmonious integration of learning into your daily life. Intimate Setting: Engage in a serene and private environment, conducive to personal reflection, growth, and connection with your inner self. What You'll Experience: Foundational Knowledge: Understand the history, principles, and science behind Reiki healing. Hands-on Practice: Engage in practical exercises to channel and direct life force energy, honing your skills in real-time. Attunements: Receive energy attunements from a Reiki Master, amplifying your own healing capacities. Personal Growth: Explore the connection between Reiki and personal transformation, unlocking deeper levels of self-awareness. Embarking on a private Reiki training is more than just a learning experience—it's a transformative journey that touches the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're a beginner seeking to understand the basics of energy healing, or a seasoned practitioner aiming to deepen your practice, our private Reiki trainings provide the environment and expertise you need to elevate your healing journey.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelations must be done 3 days in advanced. Please email

Contact Details

Pure Body & Mind Wellness 62 Westech Drive, Tyngsborough, MA, USA

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