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The Power of a Sound Bath Meditation

A Sound Bath Meditation has the power to increase your mood and well-being, while reducing anxiety. "Support to the hypothesis that a sound meditation would increase feelings of relaxation and decrease feelings of stress" An Observational Study The University of California, San Diego and the California Institute for Human Sciences performed an observational study on the effects of Singing Bowls on mood, tension, and well-being; the findings are truly amazing. The study includ

Wellness in Pure Body & Mind

Pure Body & Mind Wellness started from hopes and dreams and now is a reality. It all starts with our mind and extends to our bodies We have the capability of healing ourselves if and only if our body and mind are in alignment and are at optimal wellness. Where can you find us... We are currently working out of a few locations. Pure Body & Mind Wellness Center Progress Fitness Center New Locations coming in May Private Locations If we are not near you then we are able to make